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An experienced professional can be helpful when a person feels unsure about something in their lives.  


Dr. Jennifer Nielsen works with children, adolescents and adults.   Her experience in hospitals and clinics, as well as public school systems, allows her to utilize many different therapeutic techniques to meet each client's needs.


The focus of Dr. Nielsen's therapy is providing her clients with a comfortable and safe environment to identify, express and explore thoughts and feelings.  They are then able to develop effective coping skills.  Her approach is founded on realistic goal setting and therapeutic techniques that achieve results.  By developing trust and open communication, clients of all ages find her refreshingly "real."


Trained in what has traditionally been referred to as an “eclectic” model, Dr. Nielsen does not necessarily subscribe to any one style of treatment. For children she may bring together interventions and approaches from play therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, psychodynamic principles and behavior management.  Children appreciate her humor as she is able to connect with them at their level.

For adults, she encourages people to learn that while it is not possible to change others, it can be powerful to change how we respond and relate to them.  Understanding this, clients begin to shift thoughts and behaviors for decreased anxiety, depression, and conflict.  

Dr. Nielsen's private practice is centrally located in Darien, CT.  She is currently licensed in Connecticut and seeking New York state licensure as well.  She works primarily with clients in lower Fairfield County, CT and can offer online sessions for those in Connecticut.

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Taking care of yourself, your child and your family.

Therapy for Children
& Adolescents

Results oriented therapy for children and adolescents who are experiencing a wide range of emotional, behavioral, relational, and academic struggles. Dr. Nielsens' approach meets the youngster at his or her level through play therapy, since play is the language that young children use to communicate, learn, and grow.  For adolescents, talk therapy is often combined with art or games to explore and manage difficult feelings.

Support for Parents
& Family

Integrative family support to better understand the needs of the affected child.  It is commonly said, "Children don't come with a user's manual."    A child's parents and siblings can feel overwhelmed at times. Dr. Nielsen invites parents to share questions and concerns, and to learn strategies to support the work that she and the child begin in her office. Parents can carry this new “language and skillset” over into home and community life.

Educational Consulting
& Advocacy

School-based or private testing reports can be complex and confusing.  Dr. Nielsen works with families to explain these results and take the appropriate next steps, if needed.  She has acted as the special education subcommittee chairperson and is very familiar with administrative decision making. This includes accommodations for general education, special education and students with a Section 504 Plan. Advocacy includes parental support at school meetings.

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