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Adult Individual Sessions

"Being entirely happy with oneself is a good exercise."

Sigmund Freud

Techniques And New Perspectives For Real-Life Results

Today, more than ever, life can be challenging.  Using a collaborative   approach, Dr. Nielsen explores the core issues creating stress or difficulty and makes a plan for results-oriented sessions. Focusing on the goals set together,  Dr. Nielsen will share practical, accessible strategies for coping with anxiety, depression, or feelings of being overwhelmed or inadequate.  

With a new sense of oneself, life seems more manageable.  Be it a greater work-life balance, marital challenges, single parenthood, relocating one's self or family, effectively managing these issues and others can feel less difficult when one feels capable and prepared.  First, however, we must feel heard and understood.

During the first sessions, Dr. Nielsen begins by developing an understanding of what brought the client to therapy.  She aims to build a strong rapport where, together, goals are developed for greater peace and inner well-being, which naturally emanates outward to family, relationships and the world at large. Dr. Nielsen’s style is collaborative and interactive, and her work offers integrated approaches with an end result in mind.

Dr. Nielsen supports:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Work relationships and career development

  • Life transitions and personal development

  • Romantic relationships and platonic friendships

  • Relationship dissolution such as separation and divorce

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