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How can I tell if we will work well together?

When seeking assistance, it is important that you feel secure in having found the right "fit" with your provider. A solid rapport and comfort level create trust, learning, progress and growth. While some clients are quickly comfortable with a provider, others feel a bit more tentative initially.  When considering your preferred “fit,” think about the following questions:


  • Is it easy for me to talk to this person?

  • How am I feeling when I talk to him/her?

  • Does what he or she says resonate and make sense to me? 

How does Dr. Nielsen work with clients?

Dr. Nielsen works with a variety of individuals of all ages who present with a myriad of concerns. She tailors her work to meet each client’s needs. Children will require a different approach than adults. Adult work tends to be more “talk therapy” that incorporates principles and strategies from multiple schools of thought. 


I just have a few parenting questions. Can Dr. Nielsen help with those?

Yes. Parents have a wide range of questions and concerns given that children do not arrive with a “How To…” manual. Dr. Nielsen is well versed in a range of diagnostic childhood issues and behaviors. She is happy to work with parents on an as-needed basis, and share her knowledge in an ongoing manner as well. 

How long will I need Dr. Nielsen's support?

That depends. Historically, people have been under the impression they may require treatment for years. Some clients may seek assistance for six weeks while others may remain under a provider’s care for a year or more. Dr. Nielsen works with people to understand their concerns, set goals, and feel progress at their own pace. 

What is involved in a “new client consultation” phone call?

A brief initial phone consultation is an opportunity for you to share some background information about your reasons for seeking help. During this phone call, Dr. Nielsen will determine her ability to assist you. This is also a chance to hear about how she works, her policies, and for her to answer any logistical questions you may have.

How can I be assured that my information is protected and confidential?

Dr. Nielsen’s email is specifically registered to meet the compliance demands of HIPAA. She is also able to encrypt her responses to you. Additionally, the Client Portal is a secure forum to store and access information. The Client Portal allows for confidentiality regarding your Private Health Information, signed consents and documents, scheduling, and billing. 


Can Dr. Nielsen offer support via web conferencing?

Yes. Telemental health (TMH) uses technology to provide mental health services from a distance. It increases access to care, reduces travel time, enables continuity of care, and may reduce stigma associated with mental health services. However, there is also great value to working with clients in person.


Dr. Nielsen utilizes Thera-LINK which is a HIPAA Compliant platform that is accessible via the internet as well as on cell phones and tablets. 

What is your cancellation and scheduling policy?

Dr. Nielsen is happy to schedule appointments for you, but there are times when people would like to do so themselves. The client portal allows people to schedule appointments at their convenience. If a preferred time is not available, please contact Dr. Nielsen. 

“No shows” or late cancellations (within 24 hours) will be billed for the full fee. 

What types of payment do you accept?

Fees are based on a 60-minute session.  Dr. Nielsen currently does not accept insurance. Many insurance plans provide some coverage for mental health services in this case. Clients are best advised to contact their insurance company regarding coverage and reimbursement practices. Invoices, statements, and "Super Bills" (to be submitted for out-of-pocket reimbursement) may be retrieved through the secure Client Portal.

Payment is typically arranged via autopay. All major credit cards are accepted. Cash and personal check are also acceptable at the time of service.

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