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Support For Parents & Family

“You’re only as happy as your unhappiest child.” 


When a child is struggling, we would do anything to help, but sometimes we just don’t know how.  It is natural for parents to question the decisions they have to make on a daily basis.  Many are faced with the demands of balancing a job, raising children (perhaps doing so alone), navigating separation and divorce or loss. 

Added to the mix may also be supporting seemingly endless homework each night and handling childrens' outbursts.


Further, navigating confusing and frustrating school reports, test scores and countless other child-related challenges can add to everyone's stress level.  Dr. Neilsen offers help for overwhelmed parents to feel supported and empowered, in matters of family and in life together.

Raising children is one of the most challenging jobs we can have at times.  Questions like, "Am I making the right decision?," "Why does my child react this way when I'm only trying to help?," and "How do I know what my child is doing when they're together with friends?" are only a few of the issues that can arise.  Life these days is a balancing act when you have children. Dr. Nielsen can provide accessible strategies, and also a place for parents to "vent" and feel heard when they feel no one else is listening.   When we as parents feel validated, just like our children, we feel more relaxed and open to alternative tools with a new mindset, empowered and capable, even through challenging times. 

Areas of support and practical help include:

  • Validating feelings appropriately so your child “feels heard”

  • Setting healthy limits in many areas without conflict

  • Setting expectations of cooperation in the family

  • Adjusting to family changes such as separation, divorce and effective co-parenting

  • Working directly/ indirectly with caregivers such as au pairs, nannies and babysitters

  • Plummeting school grades; causes and suggestions

  • Letting your child succeed at homework without the need for your continual involvement

  • Navigating peer pressures and feelings of isolation by your child

  • How to safely manage children's screen time and technology

  • New baby on the way; preparing the older brother or sister

  • Transitioning into kindergarten/ middle school/ high school

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